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Papillion-La Vista School District Early Childhood Services
Early Childhood Matters…Learning Begins at Birth
The Papillion-La Vista School District believes the foundation for a successful educational career begins in early childhood.  During the first 3 years of life, the brain undergoes its most dramatic development as children acquire the ability to think, speak, learn, and reason.  In fact, about 90% of a child’s core brain structure forms in the first 5 years of life—long before they enter Kindergarten. 
The Papillion-La Vista School District capitalizes on this critical developmental period by investing in quality early childhood experiences and resources for children, families, and professionals in our community.  The resources included on this site are intended to provide information about early childhood programs and services in the Papillion-La Vista School District, as well as connect parents, community childcare and preschool providers, and other professionals to resources in our community.
To refer your child for a developmental screening or evaluation, please call 402-514-3243 or click on the Referral/Screening Information to the left.


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