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​5th Grade Resources 
50 States - Information on each of the states.
50 States and Capitals - A wealth of information on states.
All Info-About Science for Families - Scroll down the left side of the page for topics or type in keywords for a list of resources on your topic.
Ask Dr. Math - FAQ's archived questions and answers, etc.
AskJeeves - Type in a complete question for a list of web sites on your topic.
Author- Roald Dahl - Learn more about this author.
Author: Esme Raji Codell - Learn more about the author of Sahara Special.
Biographies - A plethora of Biographical Information on musicians, authors, explorers, Hispanics, pioneers, Presidents and First Ladies, women, trappers, traders, and a whole lot more!
Biographies of the Delegates to the Constitutional - Individual Biographies of the Delegates
to the Constitutional Convention.
Biographies of the Delegates to the Constitutional - Individual Biographies of the Delegates
to the Constitutional Convention.
Birds-eNature - Learn more about birds.
Birds-Peekabeak - Find out more about beaks and how they are used.
Castles Tour - Take a tour of a castle and learn about the people who worked and lived there.
Children In Colonial America - A webquest that describes the lives of children in Colonial America
 - Type in president's name for information in search box.
DiscoveryKids - Type in keywords for a list of resources on your topic.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Learn more about the great African American leader.
Easy Bibliography - Get help making a bibliograpy.
Ecosystem-MBGNET - Ecosystems including plants and animals of that ecosystem.
Elements - Jefferson Lab Periodic Table of Elements.
Elements - An online, interactive periodic table of elements.
Elements - Elements with their symbols and atomic numbers.
Enchanted Learning - A site that is easy to use and allows you to use keywords.
Enchanted Learning-Human Anatomy Page - Learn more about the human anatomy and different body systems.
Endangered Animals - Learn more about endangered animals.
Essential Nutrients - Gives role of nutrients and good sources.
Explorers' Timeline - Get a better picture of which explorer traveled first.
FactMonster - Type in keywords for a list of resources on your topic.
Fruits and Vegetables - MI Stupid - Learn more about fruits and vegetables.
Glogster-Poster Making - Make a poster to share educational information.
Guinness World Records -  Featuring the greatest facts, wildest feats, and most astounding documented achievements.
Hispanic American Month - A list of sites focusing on famous Hispanic Americans. American sites.htm
Historical Text Archives - Presidential facts, biographies, inagural addresses, and more.
History's Best on PBS - Search PBS History Site with biographical links, World History, American History, and much more.
Hopi Ceremonies - An article about their religious ceremonies.
Hopi Religion - Information about religious ceremonies.
Infoplease - Almanac containing a multitude of facts in a variety of areas such as people, sports, fun facts, science, United States, and World.
Internet Roles - Spam, Chatting, Netiquette, Surfing.
KidsHealth - Find helpful information related to minerals.
KidsHealth - Find helpful information related to vitamins.
Lewis and Clark Web Search - Find interesting facts about Lewis and Clark.
Library and Archives - Information about explorers in alphabetical order.
Life Clinic - More information related to good nutrition.
Look Inside the Human Body - Details and information about the human body systems.
Major Nutrients - A document that gives benefits of nutrients and the food sources.
Math Is Fun- Math games.
Merriam-Webster's Word Central - Work with words-dictionary, thesaurus, etc.
Multiple Meaning Words - Find multiple meanings to words and have fun with them.
National Geographic - A site that allows you to research information regarding scientific facts.
National Geographic Magazine - National Geographic: Inspiring People to Care About the Planet.
Native American Housing - Shows the many different types of housing from different native groups.
Native American Resource - Learn more about Indians from Eastern Woodlands, Plains, Southwest Region, and Northwest.
Native American WebQuest - Your journey throughout this Web Quest will help you and your classmates to answer the question, "Who were the Native Americans?"
Navajo Sandpaintings - Part of the Navajo religious ceremonies.
Need Project-Energy Unit 4C Ch2 - Learn more about renewable and nonrenewable resources. Use elementary readings and find four renewable and four nonrenewable sources. You may use intermediate readings to learn more if you wish.
Newspapers - Links to over 3,300 United States Newspapers.
Nutrients - Find out about the nutrients your body needs to be healthy.
Nutrients in Food - Information about different nutrients. - Provides information on nutrients and what they do for the body.
POTUS - Background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents
Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included to enrich this site.
Presidential Trivia - Little known "fun facts" about our presidents.
Sarpy Sleuths - A webquest project exploring land use in Sarpy County.
Scholastic Books - Write to your favorite authors, information on Scholastic series books such as Harry Potter, Goosebumps, Animorphs, Babysitters' Club, Magic School Bus, etc.
Tectonics - Information on plates, earthquakes, volcanos , and tectonics.
Thanksgiving - The First Thanksgiving presented by Scholastic.
The Fun Works - ...for careers you never knew existed. Take a quiz to help determine a career that may be fun for you.
The Jamestown Online Adventure - You will get to compare your colony to the historical Jamestown at the end. By examining the "Now we know..." section, you can learn from the mistakes of history so you do not repeat them when you play again.
Track Star  - A site that allows you to find articles and links to other sites with good information. Teacher generated.
Underground Railroad web quest - Freedom means a hard, dangerous trek. Do you try it?
Utah State University - Get to know perimeter and area!
Virtual Career Guidance - The Virtual Career Center of the Applied Information Management Institute in partnership with,, the Omaha Career Network, GEAR UP, Career Pathways Project, and the AIM SchooLink consortium - Funding Sources
Wikipedia - Find out more about hats.
Yahoo - Huge list of links to a wealth of information on each president plus other presidential sites.
Yahooligans - Web Guide for kids.
Yahooligans - Type in keywords for a list of resources on your topic.
Yahooligans - A student version of Yahoo.
Yahooligans Directory - Around the World: U.S. States--Includes great links!
Yahooligans: Around the World - A list of sites with interesting information about the United States.

You Be the Historian - See if you can figure out what life was like 200 years ago!



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