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Tara Heights Elementary's purpose is to prepare every student for a successful transition into the next phase of his or her life.
Are You Moving?
 If you are moving please notify the office and give the new information in order for us to have the correct information for mailings.  We always appreciate getting updated information for your child.
NeSA Testing Dates for Grades 3-6






Grade 3

Reading Test

April 7 & 8

8:15  & 9:45am



Math Test

April 14 & 15

8:15  & 9:45am







Grade 4

Reading Test

April 16 & 17

8:15 & 9:45am



Math Test

April 23 & 24

10am & 12:30pm







Grade 5

Reading Test

April 9 & 10

8:15 & 10am



Math Test

April 23 & 24





April 27 & 28









Grade 6

Reading Test

March  25

8:15 & 10am



Math Test

April 21 & 22

8:15 & 10am


6th Grade Physical Information

The students that will be going into the 7th grade next year will need to have a school physical by the first day of


school. However, if your student has had their physical completed before the end of the school year (May 21st)


please bring it to the school for the school nurse to review. If the physical is scheduled over the summer, please take


it to the Jr. High school nurse during the first week of August.

Important 6th Grade Information

April 23  *6th Grade Band Concert 7pm  (TH Gym)




April 30  *Parent Night at La Vista Junior High (7pm)




May 1     *Students will tour LVJH. Students will leave on the bus at 12:45pm                     and will return at 2:30pm.




May 8     * 6th Grade Track Day


                 Students will leave on the bus at 8:30am and will return at 3pm. The students will need to bring a disposable sack lunch. Parents are welcome to attend. Sunscreen is advised.




May 11     *Spring Band Concert, at 7pm, at the PLHS auditorium.




May 12      *Rain Day for 6th Grade Track Meeting




May 21      *6th Grade Recognition & D.A.R.E. Ceremony (Gym).


                       Breakfast will include donuts and juice starting at 8am. The awards will be given out at 8am. Parents please plan to attend this special


time with your sixth grade student. (Please park in the south play area of the building.)




(This date will change if there is a day added at the end of the year due to snow or cold.)

 Music Programs for the 2014-2015 School Year       
Kindergarten Music Pr.        April 9                    6:30pm  (PLHS Aud.)
Grade 1 Music Program      April 9                    7:30pm  (PLHS Aud.)
TH & Portal OSHE Concert  May 7                   7:00pm  (PLHS Aud.)
Grade 6 Band Concert         May 11                  7:00pm  (LVJH)
Lunch Schedules for the 2014-2015 School Year
Children eat lunch at the following time each day. If you would like to join your child for lunch you will need to call the school office by 8:30 AM to order a hot lunch. When you come for lunch you will need to stop in the office and sign in before going to the lunchroom. Parent, when purchasing your lunch, you will need to have the exact change as there is no change in the cafeteria. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Kindergarten  10:55 - 11:30
Grade 1         11:10 - 11:45
Grade 2         11:15 - 11:50
Grade 3         11:20 - 11:55
Grade 4         11:25 - 12:00
Grade 5         11:30 - 12:05
Grade 6         11:35 - 12:10
Meal prices for the 2014-2015 School Year.   
Reduced prices remain unchanged at $.30 for Breakfast and $.40 for lunch.  Other prices are indicated below. 
 Milk                                                $ .55
 Breakfast-Elementary                        $1.35
 Lunch-Elementary                             $2.00                          
 Adult Lunch
 Breakfast-Elementary                        $1.75              
 Lunch-Elementary                             $2.85

Important Dates to Remember
2014-2015 School Year    
March 23 - April 10  Cookie Dough Sales
March 23-May 1    NESA Testing Grades 3-6
March 25                PBiS Assembly 2:30
                                 Grade 4 Field Trip to Lincoln
March 26               PTO Mtg. 6pm  (Media Center)
March 30 - April 3  Spring Break
April 7                   Long John Silver's Family Food Night 5-8pm
April 8                  KG visit the Children's Museum 9-noon
April 9                    KG Music Program 6:30pm
                               1st Grade Music Program 7:30pm
April 14                  Chili's Family Food Night
April 16,17, 21      5th Gr. Rose Theater Workshop 9:30 - 11:15
April 20                  No School/Staff Development]
April 22                   Volunteer Breakfast & Assembly       
April 23                  Freddy's Food Night 5-9pm
                               Cookie Dough Sales 3-6pm (Gym)
                               3rd Grade Field Trip 9-2:30pm   (Lauritzen)
                               6th Grade Band Concert (TH Gym) 7pm
April 24                  Arbor Day Ceremony 2:30pm
April 28                  4th Grade Field Trip - Portal One Room
April 30                  PBiS Assembly 2:30pm
                               GR. 6 Parent Night (LVJH) 7pm
May 1                     6th Grade Visit the LVJH 1-2:40pm
May 5              Bump Up Night (Learn about curriculum) 6-7pm
May 6                     Gr. 2 Field Trip to the Rose 10:15 - 1:30pm
May 7                     TH & Portal OSHE Concert (PLHS 7pm)
                       Grade 1 Field Trip to the Zoo
May 8              Gr. 6 Track Meet - PLSHS
May 10                   Mother's Day
May 11                   Gr 6 Band Concert (PLHS) 7pm
                                Band students will travel to LVJH at    
May 12             Rain Date for 6th Grade track mt
May 12                   Skating Party 5-7pm
May 13                    Safety Patrol Party at Papio Bowl 11:45-2
May 14                   PBiS Assembly 2:30pm
May 15                   KG - 5th Field Day
                                (Grades 3-5 from 9-11am)
                                (Grades KG - 2 from 12:30 - 2:30pm)
May 20                   Culver's Family Food Night 4-9pm
                               Report Cards Sent Home
May 21                   Last Day Of School/Early Release 11:40am
                          6th Grade D.A.R.E. Recognition & Graduation
May 22                   Snow Make-Up Day
May 25                    Memorial Day
August 17       Safe Walk to School
August 18        First Day of School/Early Release 
                        at 11:40am
September 4   Boosterthon Pep Rall
September 7   No School/Labor Day
September 15  School Picture Day
Sept. 8-18        Boosterthon Fundraiser
Sept. 16          Boosterthon Fun Run

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