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AYP Decisions Released
The Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) status decisions were recently released by the Nebraska Department of Education.  AYP is a state and federal accountability measure and label.  There are a total of 55 performance indicators (cells) that schools are rated on for AYP (see chart for detailed list elementary, middle school, high school). Each cell represents a sub group (American Indian, Asian, Black, White, Hispanic, English Language Learner ELL, Special Education and Free and Reduced) and how the sub group did on each of the indicators (reading performance, reading participation, math performance, math participation, writing performance and graduation rate). AYP outcomes are assigned to individual schools and school districts and are classified in each cell with one of following category indicators:

  • MET = all AYP decisions at all grade levels are MET for two years.
  • NOT MET = some AYP decisions are NOT MET in each of the two years.
  • NOT MET, IMPROVEMENT SHOWN = all AYP decisions were MET in the current year but not in the previous year.
  • NEEDS IMPROVEMENT = a NOT MET for two consecutive years in the same subject areas at all grade levels present.
If only one indicator is NOT MET the entire school is assigned a label. For example:  All students could be MET in reading performance but students classified as Special Education may be rated as NOT MET in reading performance, therefore the entire school is labeled NOT MET.
What is PLAS?
Persistently Lowest-Achieving Schools (PLAS) is another way that the state measures schools. PLAS does not replace AYP in fact any school classified under AYP as NEEDS IMPROVEMENT is automatically considered PLAS.
PLAS has a Tier system
  • Tier 1 = the five lowest-achieving Title schools.
  • Tier II = the 12 lowest ranked secondary schools.
  • Tier III = all other Title schools identified to be in school improvement, corrective action or restructuring (classified as NEEDS IMPROVEMENT under AYP).

See How Papillion-La Vista School District Did
For a detailed chart showing the scores by elementary, middle school or high school, click here.


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