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A Message From Dr. Rikli
I cannot explain how incredibly proud I am to be the Superintendent of the Papillion-La Vista School District. This is an amazing place to work and I am continually impressed by the level of support and dedication of our staff, parents, business partners and community.


I believe our District is second to none and I credit our continued success to the PLSD All-Star Team. The level of commitment and the work ethic of the PLSD staff is incredible. In all of the places I have worked, I have never experienced a team that is more dedicated to the success of each and every child. As I visit schools throughout the District, there are endless stories of teachers, custodians, secretaries, paras, maintenance staff and principals going above and beyond to meet the individual needs of our students. It’s the employees in this District that are making a difference.


I believe the evidence of the accomplishments of our All-Star Team can be found throughout our website. I am very excited to share with you our current test data, the accomplishments of our students and staff and the financial report of the District. Most of all, I am excited to share the newly approved strategic plan. Over 50 community patrons, parents and staff came together to develop our strategic goals. We are currently in the process of writing action plans for each of these goals. This strategic plan will be the road map for our future.


I invite you to browse our website to get the latest updates and news from the school district. I also encourage you to download the PLSD app for instant access to our calendar of activities, staff directory, and more. After all, the Papillion-La Vista Schools belong to you. I encourage you to keep informed, ask questions, get involved, and visit our classrooms. Come see first-hand what is happening in our schools and I promise you too will be as proud as I am to be a part of the PLSD.

Best Regards,
Andy Rikli, Ed.D.


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