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High Ability Learning
High Ability Learner (Gifted Program) Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide appropriate educational classroom services for children with exceptional gifts and talents.


High Ability Beliefs:

- We believe that equity in education exists when all students are provided learning experiences matched to their abilities, needs and interests.

-We believe that exceptional gifts and talents can be in the areas of academics, the arts, kinesthetic abilities, leadership, interpersonal skills, creativity and problem solving.

- We believe that exceptional gifts and talents can be found in all cultures and in special needs students.

- We are a part of the Papillion-La Vista Schools and will work in harmony with the district’s mission statement and beliefs.

- We believe that gifted education enhances educational opportunities provided in all classrooms to all students.

- We believe that gifted education is a right, not a privilege, for every identified student in the Papillion-La Vista School District.

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