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Long Range Facility Planning Study 2009
Throughout the 2008-09 school year, the PLSD contracted with two outside consultants to conduct a comprehensive study of future growth and facility needs. Here is the introduction and executive summary of the consultant's findings. To see the slideshow presentation of this information click here.
Faced with the pressure of anticipated future development, the Papillion-La Vista School District decided in the fall of 2008 to embark on a Long Range Facility Planning Study. At the request of the Papillion-La Vista School District, Educational Facility Planning and Management, LLC and Olsson Associated of Omaha, Nebraska were contracted to conduct an independent educational study on long range facility planning. The district was seeking a formalized approach to long range facility planning based on current data. The consultants coordinated with area city planning departments, county planners, local real estate developers, private land planners and the school district to evaluate the possible development scenarios and facility needs for the district’s ultimate 30-year build-out potential. Integral to this effort was coordination with the Sarpy County GIS department and the district’s IT/Database management group to investigate student records, housing statistics, and other demographic data.
The findings mentioned by the consultants should be considered advisory only. The ultimate decisions to determine the appropriateness of any consideration or development scenario is the decision of the school district’s Board of Education. The purpose of the study was to examine the data accumulated from the different city and county jurisdictions, as well as, the school district’s resources. The study used current facilities and future student enrollment growth predictions to determine the district’s ability to best meet the future educational facility needs of its students. The organizational concepts in the study are not inclusive. They can be modified or be determined unacceptable. This study addressed the facilities’ utilization and efficiencies in providing appropriate educational setting for the youth in the communities of the Papillion-La Vista School District.
Once again, the purpose of this study was to collect data regarding issues in the district which have an impact on facility utilization and needs. The study assessed the following areas: community demographics, enrollment predications, school facilities, and educational programs. The areas of emphasis were enrollment predictions and school facilities. Each attendance center’s current condition was assessed. Appropriate personnel helped to identify issues and needs of each facility recognizing facility inadequacies and program needs.
Executive Summary
In the fall of 2008, Educational Facility Planning and Management, LLC and Olsson Associated of Omaha, Nebraska were requested to provide a long range facility planning study to facilitate a formalized approach to developing a Master Facilities Plan addressing the District’s facilities in the long term. There are basic factors that will affect facility development for the next 30-year period:
  • The Papillion-La Vista School District student enrollment has been growing and will continue to grow as the communities and Sarpy County grow.
  • Student attendance center areas will continue to be fluid with boundary changes occurring at all levels; K-6, 7-8 and 9-12.
  • There will be many new students which will require additional facilities, as well as new bond issues.
  • There will be a need for acquisition of new attendance center sites.
  • The Papillion-La Vista School District has a current enrollment of over 9,000 students and will reach an enrollment of over 17,000 within 30 years of less. With this significant growth the study indicates it will require at least the following number of new facilities or equivalencies using today’s grade configurations of six elementary schools (K-6), two junior highs (7-8) and one high school (9-12).
The most immediate new facility needs are a junior high and one or two elementary schools. This will maintain what the district values in having smaller neighborhood schools.
Over the last fifteen years the Papillion-La Vista School District has actively been engaged in meeting facility needs for its growing student enrollment. The next 20 to 30 years will see a continuation of that growth and the challenges it creates. As well as new construction, there will still be the need to properly maintain existing facilities to provide appropriate educational learning environments.
To view the PowerPoint presentation, on the Long Range Facility Study click here.


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