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Facts About the Future Financial Situation for the PLSD!
As many of you may have heard through the news media, the financial situation of school districts in the state of Nebraska is not glowing. Unfortunately, the PLSD is no exception. Under the Learning Community (LC) law, the state aid and property tax are pooled together and redistributed to the 11 school districts in the LC. This new distribution of money along with a poor economy, limit the amount of revenue available to school districts.


Where do school districts get money to fund their budget?
There are two primary sources for revenue for school districts: state aid and property tax. For the 11 LC school districts these revenue sources are pooled into one pot and redistributed.

Does the LC save money for the state?
With the state aid being pooled for all of the 11 districts in the LC, the state saves just under $1 million in state aid.

Due to the LC, does the PLSD receive more money or less?
Less. With the LC, the PLSD is in the third year for the Learning Community. The first year the PLSD lost about $600,000, the second year that loss was $500,000 and this year it is over $300,000. This totals about $1.422 million loss in revenue which equates to nearly four cents on the tax rate for a three year period.


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