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Papillion-La Vista School District Statistics
Graduation Statistics
The 2014 graduation rate was 96%.

In 2014, a total of 317 students received scholarships totaling over $26 million.

Student Demographics
- 19 % of the PLSD students are minority.
- 26 % of the PLSD students are on the free or reduced cost lunch plans.
- 8% of the PLSD students are military.
Staff Statistics
- There are 1,433.69 FTE positions in the District.
- The average PLSD teacher has 12.43 years of experience.
- The certified teaching staff has a minimum of a bachelor's degree, many have acquired additional hours including... 563 have a master's degree, 16 have education specialist degrees, and 7 have doctorates.
- There are five nationally certified teachers in the PLSD.
- 100% highly qualified teachers

Average Number of Students Per Classroom Teacher
Elementary - 20.42
Junior High - 20.56
High School - 21.63


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