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2010: Papillion-La Vista School District Receives District Accreditation- Parents Should be Proud!

​After an extensive review process, the Papillion-La Vista School District (PLSD) received District Accreditation from the AdvancED Accreditation Commission. The Papillion-La Vista School District is now among an elite group.

March 2015 : External Review Planned

What does Accreditation mean to PLSD parents and the community?
The public can be assured that an external group has extensively reviewed the District's organizational effectiveness. This group has determined that the PLSD is focused on raising student achievement, providing a safe and enriching learning environment and maintaining an efficient and effective operation throughout the entire school district. It is anticipated that the PLSD will again be recognized for excellence and parents can be assured that no matter which school their children attend in the PLSD, that excellence will be evident.


What are the benefits for students to attend Accredited schools in an Accredited district?
Among others, Accreditation means that students throughout the District have:


  • Highly qualified teachers who continually work to improve their teaching and students' learning.
  • Access to a rich, diverse and viable curriculum implemented with fidelity.
  • Access to a range of student activities and support services


How do districts become Accredited?
To receive accreditation, a portfolio of information was submitted to the AdvancED review team in February 2015. After reviewing the electronic portfolio, the team, comprised of state and national experts, will spend three days in the PLSD. They will visit numerous schools. They will also interview a variety of employees, parents, business partners, school board members and community patrons and review requested evidence to verify a commitment to excellence.
What are the criteria to receive Accreditation?
1. The District must meet the five AdvancED standards. Those standards are:
  • purpose and direction
  • governance and leadership
  • teaching and assessing for learning
  • resource and support systems
  • using results for continuous improvement
2. Districts must meet the assurances.
3. District must demonstrate growth through the internal and external review.
4. District must administer stakeholder (parent, staff, students) surveys at least every 5 years.
How do parents find out more information about Accreditation?
Parents can learn additional information about Accreditation at the AdvancED website or by contacting your child’s school.
In March 2015, the AdvancED team will announced District Accreditation status for the PLSD. 

The PLSD adheres to high quality standards based on evidence-based practices and purposeful professional development, such as, Marzano Research laboratory practices.
Once the review is completed the team will provide an exit report where powerful practices and opportunity for growth will be summarized.


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