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Improving Each School
School Improvement is a process that schools go through in order to improve the learning of each student.  In the Papillion-La Vista School District, every school participates in the school improvement process.  This process is driven by student performance data (such as how students perform on tests/assessments).   

Through this process, principal and teacher teams from each building analyze their students' achievement data.  The improvement team looks at how their students perform on District standards and assessments, as well as the Metropolitan Achievement test, the Statewide Writing Test, and any other student performance data they can collect.  The teams investigate and analyze the data to determine the strengths and weaknesses for students at their school.  At the conclusion of the investigation, they identify their school's improvement goals.  Each school then creates a plan of action to reach those goals and trains staff accordingly.  The action plan for improvement is then implemented and monitored.  Each school continues to monitor student performance and makes any needed adjustments with their action plan.

At the center of the school improvement process is student excellence.  The ultimate goal of school improvement is for every student, every classroom, and every school to improve. student, one classroom, one school at a time!  

How are schools accountable for their goals?
All schools are accountable for improving learning every year.  A visitation team, comprised of experts from both within the District and outside of the District, meet with the school improvement teams at each school.  The visitation team reviews the school's goals and action plans in order to provide feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.  The purpose of their visit is to evaluate the progress and offer support and suggestions.  Ultimately, the District expects all schools to improve.   

What are examples of school improvement goals?
The majority of the schools have one to three goals.  Throughout the 16 schools in the Papillion-La Vista School District, 15 schools have a writing goal, 10 focus on reading comprehension, and five have math problem-solving goals. 
Samples of these goals are below:
  • All students will improve in reading comprehension across all curriculum areas. 
  • All students will improve in writing across all content areas.
  • All students will improve in math problem-solving across all content areas.  

How are goals met?
There are numerous strategies for each goal.  Examples of strategies for reading, writing, and math problem-solving are below:

  • Students will be given daily opportunities to read.
  • Students will be accountable for understanding silent reading texts.
  • Students will write in all content areas.
  • Students will solve word problems more frequently.
  • Students will be taught the steps in the problem-solving process.  

Why is this important?
The Papillion-La Vista School District believes that all students can improve their learning.  The school improvement process is designed to make certain this happens.


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