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Improving Student Learning

As part of the School Improvement Process, each building has a systematic student support plan in place called a pyramid of interventions. This plan helps ensure that the school responds collectively and consistently to the following question: What happens in our school when a student does not learn or has already learned the material?

Each school’s pyramid of interventions provides levels of student support that correspond with the students’ needs. The first level of support is provided in the classroom by the classroom teacher who often differentiates instruction or provides additional time and practice opportunities for students who experience difficulty. The classroom teacher may also provide relevant academic challenges for students who have already mastered the learning targets.

The next level on the pyramid provides more intensive support and interventions deemed necessary to make the student successful. Other people such as a counselor or peer tutor may become involved in the intervention at this stage.

When a designated intervention step proves to be unsuccessful, the student advances to the next step on the pyramid where he or she receives more intensive support. All in all, the pyramid of intervention helps the school work together to ensure that failure is not an option; all students can be successful with the right type and amount of support.

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