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Improving Instruction
PLSD teachers are committed to providing the best possible instruction for all students. They know that to improve student learning they must also improve teaching strategies. The PLSD is committed to identifying the best practice and training all teachers in how they can best meet the needs of all learners.

The PLSD provides regular time for teachers to meet in teams and strategize about student progress. Monthly in-service days provide invaluable opportunities to train staff, additional training occurs before and after school and throughout the school day. It is a commitment of the PLSD that teachers know what is expected and are provided the support and training they need to be successful for all students. The PLSD focuses on the following:

Classroom Goals

The Papillion-La Vista Classroom Goals process brings teams of teachers together to collaborate on the use of assessment data to improve instructional practices in the classroom. All Papillion-La Vista School District (PLSD) certified teachers, including specialists and administrators, meet regularly to discuss progress on an individual goal pertaining to student success. The team meetings enable teachers to generate strategies with peers and implement these strategies while continually monitoring student learning.

Classroom Goals study teams consist of four to five members, and the diversity of teams varies throughout the district, according to building and department needs. By being a part of a consistent team all year, teachers build peer relationships while being accountable for taking active steps toward reaching personal classroom goals. Classroom Goals meetings generally last one hour, with an equal amount of time designated for each member to share and reflect.

Prior to a Classroom Goals meeting, teachers identify an area of difficulty for students, collect data, and analyze general strengths and weakness revealed in the data.

During a Classroom Goals meeting, teachers share student work samples to illustrate the specific strengths and weaknesses noted. The team then helps generate an individual SMART goal (one that is specific and strategic, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and time-bound). The team also serves as a sounding board while suggesting specific strategies and activities to target the SMART goal.

After a Classroom Goals meeting, teachers graph student performance and complete a Classroom Goals action plan that describes the specific steps they will take to work towards the goal. Prior to the next team meeting, teachers implement the instructional strategies outlined in the action plan, provide ongoing feedback to students in the targeted goal area, and collect more data to help monitor student progress.


Professional Development

Papillion-La Vista believes that professional development is an on-going process for all educators, regardless of their experience level. It is only through continual professional development that Papillion-La Vista School District (PLSD) can make substantive changes to best meet the needs of today’s students.

One key to effective professional development within the district is the aspect of collaboration through teaming at various levels. Through the collaboration process, teams of teachers make important informed decisions about curriculum (what we teach) instruction (how we teach) and assessment (how we measure learning).

New teachers to the district experience a customized teacher induction program by selecting from a menu of specific professional development opportunities to best meet their individual needs. They also benefit from the professional guidance of a building mentor who meets with them on a regular basis to provide support.

In addition to the required PLSD professional development processes such as Classroom Goals, we also provide voluntary professional development opportunities that involve commitment from teachers above and beyond their regular responsibilities. Teachers meet after school to participate in these on-going, voluntary professional development trainings or workshops. Graduate credit or stipends are sometimes provided to recognize participants for the important work they are willing to pursue to enhance student learning.


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