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Proposed Boundary Changes Prairie Queen Elementary
Key Issues Raised
As the initial Prairie Queen boundary proposal was shared with the parents the several suggestions were collected.  The initial proposal was centered on three guiding principles or goals which included:
  • Set boundaries for the new Prairie Queen Elementary.
  • Decrease the enrollment currently at Portal Elementary.
  • Determine boundaries that are as long range as possible.
 The following options were suggested for consideration at the input sessions.  Below is a response to each of those considerations.
  • Consider allowing siblings of current 5th grade students to also be grandfathered into Portal.
    • Response: One of the top goals was to reduce the number of students at Portal elementary.  If we allow all 5th grade students and siblings to remain at Portal we have not accomplished this goal.


  • Consider asking for volunteers to see if there are enough students that voluntarily want to move.
    • Response: Moving students on a voluntary basis only does not allow the district to do long range planning for all elementary, middle schools and high schools.  New elementary schools need set boundaries.


  • Consider allowing all current Portal students from Hunters Crossing II, Western Hills and Hunters Ridge move to Prairie Queen.  All new students moving into these areas can attend Tara which will be their home school.
    • Response: This could be a consideration.  Allowing this option allows the District to meet each of the defined goals and it provides students and families with a more family friendly environment.  However, the permanent boundary for these neighborhoods would still need to be Tara Heights and all students currently attending Portal would simply be allowed to be grandfathered into Prairie Queen. However, transportation would be their responsibility. Students new to these neighborhoods would attend Tara Heights and transportation would be provided.


  •  Consider providing bussing to both Prairie Queen and Portal or Walnut Creek for the students that are grandfathered.
    • Response: All students in Portal Ridge or Kingsbury Hills would be offered a transportation to Prairie Queen.   If current 5th grade students choose to remain at Portal or Walnut Creek transportation would be their responsibility.


  • If another move of Portal Ridge is ever necessary, consider grandfathering the families, which have already moved once, into their current school.  
    • Response:  This option is under consideration.  Historically, when the PLSD is modifying boundaries, consideration is given to families that have been previously moved. However, it is very hard to offer a grandfathering clause that commits future School Boards to a set boundary when we are unaware of what future growth may hold.  


  • Consider allowing more grade levels to be grandfathered along with current 5th grade students. 
    • Response: One of the top goals was to reduce the number of students at Portal elementary.  If we allow more students than just 5th grade to remain at Portal we have not accomplished this goal.  


  • Consider moving another area that affects fewer housing developments.
    • Response: All neighborhoods were considered when the initial proposal was developed.  Portal Ridge was recommended primarily because it was seen as a long range solution which is meeting one of our goals.  It is also the growth area, it provides relief to Portal of over 50 students and it is currently being bussed.  On a long range basis Western Hills, Hunters Crossing II and Hunters Ridge would be able to be served at Tara Heights.


  • Consider moving the 26 students that are attending Portal and don’t currently live in the Portal attendance boundaries (open enroll students or option enroll students.) 
    • Response:  One of the top goals was to reduce the number of students at Portal elementary.  If we move only 26 students it is not enough sufficiently impact Portal Elementary Enrollment.  Also moving these students, does nothing in allowing the District to establish long range boundaries.  


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