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Metropolitan Community College Academies
What are Metropolitan Community College Academies?
Metropolitan Community College (MCC) Career Academies are designed to provide high school juniors and seniors with opportunities to explore various career fields and get a jump start on their post-secondary
Where are they located?
Metropolitan Community College Academies are located at the various MCC campuses throughout the metropolitan area. 
Who will be teaching?
MCC Academy classes are taught by certified MCC teachers. 
Will I earn high school and college credit?
Yes.  Students enrolled in MCC Academies benefit from earning college credit while also earning the credits needed to graduate high school. 
How much do they cost?
MCC Academy students benefit from a 50% discount on college tuition. For current tuition rates, please visit
When do the academies meet?
Most academies meet between 1-4 p.m. in the afternoon.  Specific program information can be found by calling the PLSD Academy Programs office at 402-537-6217.
Is transportation provided to the MCC Academies?
No.  Students are responsible for transportation to and from their MCC Academy. 
Who should apply?
Students interested in getting a jump start on their college education and who demonstrate an interest in any of the career fields that provide a career academy.
How do I apply?
To apply for a PLSD Academy program, students must complete an online application which can be found at Applications for the 2015-2016 school year will be available from November 4-11. Beginning on the evening of November 4, students will need to log in to the District website and then navigate to the academy application. It will be a flyout under the maroon bar "academy programs." The application form will time out after 30 minutes. The academy questions have been provided under Academy Programs - How to Apply so students can write their essay questions ahead of time and then copy and paste into the application.
Available Metro Community College Academies

 Available Metro Community College Academies

  • Auto Collision Technology
    • Do you enjoy watching TV programs about repairing and restoring automobiles? Through this program you will receive hands-on experience in a very popular and lucrative industry. Located at Applied Technology Center at 10407 State.

  • Automotive Technology
    • Are you currently working on your car or want more experience in automotive repair? You will learn about electrical, brake and suspension systems while earning a Specialist Diploma in this two year program. Located at MCC South Omaha Campus at 27th & Q - Mahoney Building.

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
    • Do you like helping people when they are sick or in need? You will earn a state recognized certification to work in the health field. A criminal background check will be conducted if you are accepted in this program. Located at MCC South Omaha Campus at 27th & Q - Mahoney Building.

  • Construction Technology
    • ​Do you like using your hands to create a home or building? In this program, you will learn about the concrete & masonry trade for commercial and residential construction. Located at MCC South Omaha Campus at 27th & Q - Mahoney Building.

  • Criminal Justice
    • Do you love watching crime television shows? Do you want to learn more about the corrections and legal system? In this program you’ll learn more about both. Located at MCC Sarpy Center at 91st and Giles.

  • Diesel Technology
    • Working on an actual truck you will learn the components of the diesel engine, the fundamentals of transmissions and torque converters, along with an overview of diesel engines. Located at MCC Applied Technology Center at 10407 State.

  • Digital Cinema/Filmaking
    • Do you want to become the next great director or producer? Get your start by learning audio, video and script writing to create documentaries and a variety of moving productions.

      Located at MCC Elkhorn Valley Campus at 204th & Dodge.

  • Early Childhood Education
    • Do you love working with little children? Do you want to make a career out of it? This program will introduce you to cognitive development, care, and nutrition of preschool children. Located at MCC Sarpy Center at 91st & Giles.

  • Electrical Technology
    •  If the dangers and benefits of electricity fascinate you - this program’s for you! You’ll be introduced to electrical theory, as well as hands-on experience in installation and circuitry standards including home wiring and safety. Located at MCC South Omaha Campus at 27th & Q - Industrial Training Center Building.

  • Emergency Management Technician (EMT)
    • (Seniors Only) Want to be the first on the scene? Do you thrive in a high stress environment and want to help people? The EMT program may be for you. You must be 18 years of age or older at the time of the test, administered May 2012. Located at MCC South Omaha Campus at 27th & Q.

  • Firefighter Science
    • Do you like helping others? Are you interested in learning about fire investigation? You’ll learn firefighter investigation and EMT training. Located at the MCC South Omaha Campus at 27th and Q.

  • Introduction to the Trades/Manufacturing Internships
    • The best way to introduce students to the manufacturing trades is to let them experience it. We are offering an internship to the manufacturing trades and classes to prepare them to enter at the basic level. This includes classes on safety, hand and power tools, measurement, and obtaining familiarity with industrial equipment. Located at MCC South Omaha Campus at 27th & Q - Industrial Training Center Building.

  • IT Academy
    • ​This program provides the student with the knowledge necessary to succeed in the rapidly growing field of data center management. Located at MCC Fremont Center at 9th & Broad Streets.

  • Theatre Technology
    • Do you love the behind-the-scenes action of the theatre? Learn about the art of technical theatre in this two year program. Located at The Omaha Community Playhouse at 6915 Cass.

  • Welding Technology
    • Mom told you not to play with fire, but if you like to use it to weld things together, this two year program may be for you. You’ll focus on welding techniques including gas metal arc welding and cutting while earning a Specialist Diploma. Located at the MCC South Omaha Campus at 27th & Q.


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