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Papillion-La Vista School District Academy Overview

Regardless of the future career path of our students, it is the vision of the Papillion-La Vista School District (PLSD) to ensure that all students are adequately prepared for the transition into the next phase of life after graduation.  To be prepared, students need to have mastered 21st century skills and have exposure and experiences in a variety of future careers.  The PLSD academy programs help accomplish our vision.  The PLSD offers nine academies that are taught by PLSD teachers.  Additional academy programs are also made available through Metropolitan Community College and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
Introducing the Academy Program…
PLSD Academies are real-life, hands-on learning experiences designed around a specific career area.  Academies can be located at the school or in a business setting and are designed to take learning and career exploration to a whole new level.  Academies combine both classroom learning where students are taught by a PLSD teacher, and hands-on learning where students work directly in their chosen career interest. The exciting part of PLSD Academies is the opportunities for high school students to work directly with professionals in their chosen career area.  Students who participate in an academy gain high school credit, and in many cases, college credit or industry certification.

Academy Q & A
Q. Who can apply?
A. Any PL student can apply to attend most academies in their 11th or 12th grade year, some are earlier.
Q. Where will my classes be located?
A. Depends on the academy. Some programs are located at the high schools, others are in area businesses or college campuses.
Q. What is the time commitment?
A. It depends on the academy. Some programs are all day, others are before school, after school or during the school day.
Q. Do students provide their own transportation?
A. Transportation is available to some academy programs.
Q. What type of credit do I earn?
A. All academy students can earn high school credit. College credit and specialized certifications for particular career areas are also available.
Q. Where is college credit from? Is it transferable?
A. Most college credits are through Metropolitan Community College (MCC). However, UNO and UNMC also provide credit for some academies. In most cases, these credits will transfer to another 2-year college or 4-year university. Check with a school guidance counselor for specifics.
Q. What is the cost?
A. There is no cost to earn PLSD high school credit. Students who elect to earn college credit may have a cost. College credit will be offered at a reduced rate. Scholarship money is also available. Additional fees may be associated with particular academies.
Q. Are there scholarships available?
A. Absolutely! Ask your building counselor for a scholarship application. You can also contact the Academy Programs Office at 402-537-6217.
Q. If I participate in an academy can I participate in extracurricular activities at my high school?
A. Yes. Students that participate in academies remain connected to their high school and can participate in extracurricular activities. The academy is meant to be an enhancement of the high school experience, not a replacement.
Q. Who are the academy teachers?
A. PLSD certified teachers teach the academies. In many of the
academy programs, the PLSD is partnered with a professional from the career area who will assist with the instruction.
Q. How do I apply?
A. To apply for a PLSD Academy program, students must complete an online application which can be found at Applications for the 2015-2016 school year will be available from November 4-11. Beginning on the evening of November 4, students will need to log in to the District website and then navigate to the academy application. It will be a flyout under the maroon bar "academy programs." The application form will time out after 30 minutes. The academy questions have been provided under Academy Programs - How to Apply so students can write their essay questions ahead of time and then copy and paste into the application.
Q. How can I learn more about the academies PLSD offers?
A. For more information, check out the District website at, contact your school guidance counselor or call the Academy Programs Office at 402-537-6217.
Q. Can I tour the facility?
A. Yes. Tours are given for certain academies at the beginning of the registration period. For more information, contact your building guidance counselor.
Academy Programs Offered

Papillion-La Vista Schools, in partnership with local businesses, offers several different academies.  Please click on the academy you are interested in below to obtain more information.

Papillion-La Vista School District Academies


Additional Career Exploration Opportunities


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