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News Releases: Congressman Lee Terry Visits Zoo Academy Students
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Congressman Lee Terry Visits Zoo Academy Students


            Recently, Congressman Lee Terry visited students at the Papillion-La Vista School District Zoo Academy. While there, Congressman Lee Terry talked with students about government and the process of making a bill become a law. Over the last several weeks, the Zoo Academy students have been researching and learning about the ocean environment as part of their year-long project. As part of the project, the students have been focusing on sharks. Recently, there has been an increase in the market for Shark Fins. Individuals catch sharks, de-fin them and throw the sharks back into the ocean. The zoo academy students don’t like this and have been reaching out to Nebraska lobbyist and state representatives to ban any and all Shark Fin products in the state of Nebraska. Congressman Terry talked with the students about the process of a bill becoming a law and the next steps the students need to take.


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Photo: After his presentation to PLSD Zoo Academy students, Congressman Lee Terry takes a moment to take a picture with the students that he presented to about a bill becoming a law.


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