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News Releases: ​Papillion-La Vista School District Students Celebrate the 100th Day of School
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​Papillion-La Vista School District Students Celebrate the 100th Day of School


            For kindergarten, first, and second grade students, 100 is a big number.  What exactly does 100 of something look like?  Since the beginning of the school year, students have focused on learning about place value and number sense in math class.  They have also been keeping track of each day they have attended school.  On January 23rd and 24th students in grades K-6 in the Papillion-La Vista School District celebrated the 100th day of school.   Students in kindergarten, first, and second grade throughout the District participated in many different kinds of math and reading activities in celebration of this very important day.  Activities ranged from making 100 day hats and glasses, bringing in 100 items to share with the class, and writing about what they would do with $100.  Students participated in activities like seeing how far one could travel in their school by taking 100 steps, dressing like they were 100 years old, putting items in groups of 10 to build up to 100, and survivor games dealing with the number 100.

Photo: Patriot student Hailey Rider shows off the 100th day hat she made. ​


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