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​Math Resouces


A-Plus Math Flashcard Creator - Make and print flashcards in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.’s guide to mathematics
Ask Dr. Math - A place to find answers for some of your mathematics questions
Brainpop - Calculations and computations
Copernicus Education Gateway 
First-School - Math website geared for Pre-K -- 2.
History of Mathematics Home Page - Ever wonder where mathematics got its start?
Homework Hotline-Math Games - Math games to practice skills
Illuminations - Illuminations is the NCTM website that Mrs. Fetch referrenced during our training.
Investigating Patterns: Symmetry and Tessellations
i-Ready (Math Intervention) - Students with an account can access this math intervention from home.

JunkBot - Math problem solving from Lego.
Maine Public Broadcasting Network: Lesson Plans - Grades K-12; Lesson plans from Maine's master teachers corresponding to professional development that they attended.
Math Activities for K-12 Teachers
Math Blox - Test your basic math skills using falling blocks.
Math Computation Worksheets - A place for educators to create math computation worksheets for intervention.
Math Forum - The Internet Mathematics Library
Math Playground - "Play with numbers and give your brain a workout!"
Math Solutions - Website founded by Marilyn Burns.  
MATHDI (MATHematical Didactics)
Mathematics and Children's Literature - Literature that supports the math curriculum
Mathematics: Making the Literature Connection - More literature to support mathematics concepts - Test your multiplication facts with fun games!
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Before having students use, test to make sure it works on all computers.
NCTM Website - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Website
Pattern Blocks - From the Deb Fetch presetation, you can make different shapes, etc., using pattern blocks.
Primary Mathematics Enrichment
Shodor Curriculum Materials - Grades K-12; For math and science, search for materials by either grade level, content or through a complete list of projects.
SMG2000: The Stock Market Game
Teachers Helping Teachers - Math lessons from other teachers
TeacherTube--Perimeter/area sample - Mrs. Burk's Perimeter Rap
The Geometry Center
The Reading Nook/Math Literature - Literature to support math concepts


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