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Jr. High Field Study Description

Animals and Nature
Study of a variety of animal and nature careers including: zoology, veterinary medicine, agriculture and Game and Fish Department.
Business, Marketing and Finance
Introduction to the world of business.  Topics include: Intro to business leadership, business and personal finance, business law and micro- and macro-economics.  We will also participate in a “Shark Tank” activity.
Study of leadership at the personal, local and national level.  We will learn about our own personal leadership styles and how to use our leadership skills within our community.
Government and Political Administration
Learn about the different levels and aspects of government including: local governance, national security, and public administration and politics.
Law, Public Safety and Security
An in-depth look into the fields of criminal justice, police and society, foundations of law and crime scene investigation.
Education and Training
Prepare for a career in education.  We will explore different aspects of education including child development, teaching methods and classroom management.
Health Sciences
Learn about a variety of health careers as well as topics such as medical terminology, personal and community health issues and anatomy and physiology.
Athletic Training and Management
Participate in an exploration of careers in athletics including facilities, sports management, athletic training and physical therapy.
Study and build!  Learn about the many different engineering fields using the engineering design process.
Competition Engineering
Participate in the Student Mentoring Program Engineering Competition that is sponsored by the Peter Kiewit Institute.  **This strand will also include some after school meetings**
Robotics and Manufacturing
Learn about many different types of robots and how they are used in society – particularly in the manufacturing and distribution fields.  Build and program different types of robots.
We will examine different theories and topics within the realm of mathematics.  We will apply those ideas to real life and examine the mathematics used all around us.
Information Technology
We will develop a variety of products using computer programming and web design.  Professionals from the field will provide instruction.
Visual Arts
Practice using a variety of art mediums such as painting, sculpting and photography.  We will also explore various careers in the art field.
Music Creation and Production
Write and produce musical compositions.  We will use digital and traditional methods for developing our songs.
Creative Writing
Explore a variety of writing genres and careers for prospective writers.  Spend time immersed in writing with classmates who love it as much as you do.
Theater Arts
Work with a group of fellow actors and actresses to develop a play from start to finish.  We will work with professionals in the field to learn proper methods.  We will also explore local theaters.
Historical Investigations
Learn the principals of historical investigation that can be applied to all different situations, places and people.


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